Medical Tourism

Consider the following:
  1. What is the waiting time for medical treatment in your country?
  2. What are the costs of this treatment in your country?
  3. Would you not want to get more value from the money spend on undergoing this medical treatment?
If the answer to the above questions is YES, please read further:


Heart Bypass

USD 1,00,000

USD 7,200

USD 11,000

USD 16,500


USD 1,60,000

USD 7,000

USD 10,000

USD 15,000

Hip Replacement

USD 43,000

USD 7,100

USD 12,000

USD 9,200

Knee Replacement

USD 40,000

USD 8,500

USD 10,000

USD 11,000

Spine Fusion

USD 62,000

USD 7,500

USD 8,500

USD 10,000

Lap. Gastric Bypass

USD 35,000

USD 9,200

USD 10,200

USD 11,500

Tummy Tuck

USD 10,000

USD 4,500

USD 5,500

USD 6,550

Dental Implant

USD 10,000

USD 1,500

USD 2,000

USD 2,400

*The costs are indicative of a generalized, standard treatment procedure

Aided by world-class specialists India is an emerging hub for Medical tourism, , Medical tourism has been supported by the Indian Government to facilitate faster immigration and Visa related issues.

Cutting edge technology, best pre and post operation care, hospitals as good as your homes and the Para-medics for whom YOU are the most important person are some pre requisites for basic health care.

We provide you an end to end solution for your medical and health treatment with the following facilies for :

The tool created in the website for faster sharing of your data with specialists/Heath care professionals in a complete secure environment. Offer you choice of Hospitals and Specialists in our network, to help you decide your care giver/s Arranging appointments and consulting specialists on your behalf.. Pre-check in at Hotels/Airports/Hospitals Daily checks for monitoring recuperating patients. Assistance in communicating with family and friends back home. Provide personal nurses/ attendants/care givers on special request Sharing regular medical Bulletins/ information with family/friends. Extra care and assistance for physically challenged and differently abled patients. Sight seeing, tours, guides & transportations options.

If YOU desire, we help you explore the vast Indian subcontinent with the permission of your caregiver.

You go back recovered, refreshed and at a fraction of cost, which you may have incurred otherwise.