About Us

We are India’s premiere Click and Mortar consumer-centric, Wellness group which envisages to empower people to manage their health and wellbeing by creating a self-sufficient, service-delivery oriented, globally self-sustaining eco-system of health products, service providers and care-seekers.

About Us

This web based service, through its various facilities encourages and assists you in making beneficial and smart choices to ascertain safe and sustainable health care services for you and your loved ones. It will also enable you to seek a second opinion and consult specialists through secure and easy flow of medical data and records.

We assure you complete secrecy and security of information, records and data provided to us. Our job is to act as catalysts for facilitating you to make correct and meaningful choices and contact with the best health care professionals. Our commitment is towards a healthy you as we firmly believe that Health is not merely the absence of diseases but a sense of overall wellbeing.

How it works:

The USERS upload their Medical History, data & records as scanned documents on the secure server. This will be done through a login / password to ensure security and secrecy. The data can be modified, deleted, edited exclusively by the USER. This website will help in sharing data in real time, without the need for physical movement of the reports and files. It will thus save crucial time in emergencies while giving the USER complete control of their health related data. We have established links with doctors, health and care professionals and hospitals to enable cost efficiency in medical procedures.

We are also in the process of liasioning with Insurance companies for faster reimbursement of medical claims.

We are also facilitating medical tourism in India, where users from abroad can get world class medical care at Indian hospitals. In most cases these services will be more cost effective and personalized than in foreign countries. In keeping with the Indian tradition of care the patient can come to India, get treated, explore India, visit exotic places and go back healthy, revitalized and rejuvenated at a lesser cost.